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{dear baby} In the beginning… November 4, 2009

Posted by chrislsx in {dear baby} journal.

Hi baby,

Today, mommy has decided to let you know how it all started… how you came along in our lives.

Mommy went home to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year in January of 2009. Mommy went home alone this time because daddy had to work and we only had enough Avion points (RBC’s credit card points that we used to redeem the air ticket) for one. Mommy’s grandpa (dad’s side) was also not feeling too well, so what better time to go home to see him if not now. Mommy also knew that her workplace morale was running low due to job cuts, she was worried that she might lose all her vacation days if she didn’t take them before being cut. Mommy was paranoid about losing her job because she was merely a contract worker.

Mommy came back to Canada on the night of Valentine’s Day (Feb 14, which was a Saturday) and daddy picked her up at the Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport with a special meal… Lick’s Nature Burger, LOL! A good veggie burger was hard to find in Malaysia and mommy was gone for about a month. We drove back to Windsor on the same night.

Mommy got her period the next Saturday (Feb 21, 2009) and that is the date that the doctors ask for when they need to figure out when you are due. We don’t really know when you were conceived, but mommy lost her job at the end of February. Mommy tried to take it with stride, and hoped for something better to come a long. A month later, daddy also lost his job at National Bank of Canada. We were very, very sad. Mommy was a wreck and her emotions were tumultuous.

At this point, mommy’s period was about 1 week overdue and she was worried. She took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. Two weeks later, mommy thought that we should go to the walk-in clinic on Huron Church Rd. in Windsor to confirm the pregnancy test because mommy’s boobs were hurting and it wasn’t the normal kind of hurt prior to her period. She was also getting tired easily.  Daddy was with mommy at the clinic and the nurse was not very kind to us because we showed up to take a pregnancy test. She said that we were wasting government’s money while we could have just done the test at home. Anyway, we did the test, and the doctor came to see us after mommy gave a urine sample. He asked if we took a test at home, and we said yes. He asked what it told us, and we said, it was negative. He told us that his test came back positive, and that was when we knew that you were part of our lives. Mommy and daddy could not wait to share the news with our families when we got home, and we told mommy’s parents first since we could not get a hold of daddy’s parents. Everyone was very happy to hear the good news. A test not much later revealed to us that you were 5 weeks old in mommy’s womb.

Meanwhile, mommy did not how know to react to the news. Mommy had no idea how things will be down the road for us and was very upset that things were not going the way that she wanted before you were to come along. Mommy and daddy were both unemployed and renting an apartment in Windsor, and we had to decide fast on a plan. Jobs were scarce in the Windsor-Detroit area, so we decided to move to Toronto. Daddy asked his parents if we could move in with them and they said OK.

Mommy really wanted a house and have everything in its place in her life before you come along so that she could give you the best of the best. All these changes were too much for her to handle and she cried constantly because she felt sorry and irresponsible for bringing you into this world before she had a chance to make sure that everything is perfect for you.

At this point, mommy’s cooking club friend, Jillian who is a psychologist mentioned that the Children’s House Montessori kindergarten might be looking for a kid’s yoga teacher. One of her patients goes to that school and apparently the yoga teacher had just left for Australia. Mommy went to ask about the position, and was offered the job right away. Mommy used to teach yoga before she broke her arm mountain biking with daddy. Mommy will tell you about that another time… Mommy would teach yoga to kids aged 2 and a half to 6 years old about 3 days a week, for a total of about 6 hours a week. It didn’t pay much, but at least we had money for gas to get around town and some food.

Mommy actually started teaching kids yoga before she knew that you were in her tummy. Mommy would come home after teaching 2+ hours of kids yoga and be wiped out. Daddy would sometimes cook lunch for us, and there were days that mommy could not stand the smell of garlic, even from the front door of the apartment. Daddy had not even cooked the garlic yet and it was just chopped garlic and it would make mommy very nauseas. Mommy did not have much of an appetite for anything except for noodles initially. There was one night while we were still in Windsor, and mommy had a sudden craving for spring rolls. It was 1a.m. and mommy asked daddy to go and find her some spring rolls 😛 One night, mommy wanted a cherry danish and daddy had walk to 2 different Tim Horton’s to look for it. He wasn’t able to find one and came home with a half-drunk cup of not-so-hot hot chocolate instead. Of course that didn’t cut it and mommy was not happy.

Anyway, mommy and daddy were busy packing for our move to Toronto. We made the move in a few trips, with the majority of the things moved with a rented U-Haul and the help of daddy’s dad on May 29th. After the big move, mommy and daddy had to go back to Windsor to clean up the apartment because our landlord was a very meticulous man. We finally settled in at grandma and grandpa’s place in Toronto on June 6th.

Mommy had a job interview on June 1st with Moneris Solutions as a Learning Designer. Mommy really needed this job in order to qualify for maternity unemployment benefits in Canada. All the years that mommy had worked in Detroit could not count towards the hours worked needed to receive that benefit despite having paid all the Canadian taxes. Anyway, mommy thought that the interview went fine, and a few days later, mommy was offered the job. Mommy was elated despite the fact that it was only for 6 months on contract with no benefits. It didn’t matter because it would count towards the hours needed for the unemployment pay, which is 400 full time hours.

Mommy should also mention that she was very worried about her belly showing at the interview because she might not be able to get the job if the prospective employer knew that she was pregnant with you. Mommy was about 4 months pregnant at that time. Mommy did not intend to lie, but we needed the money. Mommy began work on June 15th and soon cleared up the situation with her boss, who did not see an issue with the pregnancy, although mommy would not be able to complete the 6 months gig with them before you make an appearance.

So mommy went to work via the subway and since daddy did not have a job yet, he would take mommy to the Finch subway station every morning so that she didn’t have to wait for the bus at the shelter. That’s basically what happens about 5 days a week for a few months until recently, when daddy finally got a job at the same building as mommy. Mommy will write about that next time.

Mommy still doesn’t know what to make of what happened to her and daddy in the past few months while you sat in mommy’s womb growing healthily. Mommy has been lucky is so many ways, despite being given the biggest blow in life when she lost her job. At least daddy was always around whenever we would go to see Dr. Tai to see how you were progressing, and he was always around to drive mommy anywhere she wants to go. Mommy’s emotional state was so fragile that if daddy weren’t around all these while, she would probably have gone cuckoo.

Anyway, it’s past midnight now and we should really get some rest.

Love you!

Muacks xoxoxoxo