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Belly pic @ 38 weeks November 16, 2009

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Look at how big my little buddha has gotten in my belly! I’m so proud of her for being so healthy, big and strong despite giving me horrible ugly stretch marks (yikes!). I’m so excited for lil’ Madelyn’s arrival. Just the other night, I dreamt about bring her home in her car seat from the hospital 😛

I’m sure I can do something about the stretch marks later on, and I have been lathering up on all sorts of oils and creams since I was 5 weeks pregnant. I guess it’s truly genetics when it comes to stretch marks, o’ well… as long as my baby is healthy, happy and strong, that’s all that matters!



Maternity Photoshoot November 16, 2009

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I took the opportunity to capture the wonderful moment of my life of expecting my little baby when a friend of mine recommended her friend who is a photographer. These pictures were captured when I was in my week 35. My belly has grown quite a bit since then (it’s now 38 weeks!!)

Thanks to Emma from Emma McIntyre Photography who is based in Toronto for the beautiful shots!