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Maddy Discovering Her Toes & Nursing Strike February 22, 2010

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Time is flying by so fast and Maddy is almost 3 month old now. She has achieved so much and yet I haven’t had the time to record it down here. Just lately, she’s been discovering her toes and we have it captured on video.

She has also been crying a lot lately, and is sort of on a nursing strike. I’m not sure why she would cry at the boob and arch her body away from me when I feed her. I read that this can sometimes happen at about 3 month old when the baby is easily distracted and therefore hates being put down to nurse (I nurse her laying down in bed, handsfree :P). She only cries at the boob and rejects it when she is nursed while awake, so I have to be very aware of when she is sleepy so that I can sneak the boob up to her and she will eat then. Otherwise, I have to walk and nurse at the same time and it is killing my wrists. When she is awake while nursing, she wants to be looking around so I have to pace up and down the room so that she can change her view while eating. Talk about a demanding baby! It also creates a bad latch so milk drips on the floor and creates a mess.

My mom seems to think that she might have been scared, perhaps due to loud noises from the TV. Winter Olympics has begun and the household is watching it often and there had been lots of loud cheers for the Canadian team. Unfortunately, this is not good for the baby as she is startled too often when she is spending time downstairs near the TV (which I absolutely hates, I think she’s way too young to be near a TV).

So, yesterday we bought Eu Yan Sang’s Bao Ying Dan or Bo Ying Compound, which has been trusted by many Chinese parents over the years. This medicine isn’t cheap! We paid CAD$24 for the box, which comes with 6 capsules of the medicine. Anyway, we hope that this medicine can calm her nerves and she is able to rest better at night and her nighttime crying would stop and hopefully eat better during the day. We gave half a capsule to her mixed with 2ml of water in a feeding spoon and she gave us a disgusted look when she took the medicine because it is bitter. She fussed a little but we managed to give it to her anyway. She slept better last night, and I was able to calm her down she cried in her sleep and fed her. We’ll be giving her more of the medicine for 2 more days and monitor her progress.



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