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Maddy using her fingers February 24, 2010

Posted by chrislsx in {dear baby} journal.
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So lately, despite all the breastfeeding challenges (nursing strike, cluster feedings at night, sleeping at 4am), Maddy has been on a roll with the discovery of her toes and fingers. Her finger/hand sucking habit had increased tremendously in the past few weeks, and we took it as a sign that she is discovering her fingers. She is 5 days short of 3 months currently.

Seeing that she had been reaching out to things around her with her hand, I thought that we should look for some sort of a rattle that she can wrap her tiny little fingers around and light enough for her to lift. We took a trip to ToysRus on Sunday and found Learning Curve’s GrabApple. This will be her first non-plush toy. She seem to take instant liking for this toy and we managed to capture her early moments with it. It is also a teething toy for her down the road. Check out the video… oh, as you can see she is slumped over quite a bit here, but that’s because this is her “I gotta do my biz” pose. You will hear her go in the video. She needs to be sat up like this every morning so that she can pass her motion and that’s what I do with her every morning…

Since she is able to hold her head quite steadily, we also put her in the Bumbo seat when we were at the store. She did very well in it, and we are looking to buy a pre-loved one since we read that most babies will only use it for 3 months and then it will be too small for them. When we put her in the Bumbo at the store, we got many looks from other parents who are pretty much amazed at how little/young she is but is able to sit on her own. Well, I think the Bumbo’s design has to take some credit also, but as Maddy’s parents we already knew that she has a strong neck because she was able to lift her head within minutes after she was born 😛 We think that she will be able to use her hands to play with toys more when she sits in the Bumbo, and hopefully that will give mommy’s and daddy’s wrists a rest from holding her.



1. MieVee @ MummysReviews.com - March 6, 2010

Our nephew can still fit into his Bumbo at age 3 ; my chubby boy can still fit into it at 12 months though his thunder thighs get a bit stuck in the seat. It really depends on the child’s build how long she can use the seat. Feel free to read our review at http://www.mummysreviews.com/tag/bumbo/

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