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Maddy’s First Laughters March 16, 2010

Posted by chrislsx in {dear baby} journal.

Maddy is getting more and more vocal these days, combining different coos and gaahs when she talks. She is 3 and a half month old now and I had been looking forward to hear her first laughs for quite sometime already. She had squealed in excitement briefly before when I pick her up or when she looks at our black and white lampshade in our room, but finally I found a way to make her laugh and squeal repeatedly and got it on video!

Other things that had been happening includes Mommy is recovering from her arm surgery that took place on March 5 in Windsor. It was a long awaited procedure to remove the hardware in Mommy’s broken elbow due to a mountain biking accident that occurred on July 4th 2008. It was supposed to have been removed last year but Maddy was conceived around the time the surgery was supposed to take place, so we couldn’t risk the surgery during the pregnancy.

Going to Windsor was Maddy’s first road trip. She sat in her brand new Britax “Cowmooflage” car seat which is roomier than her Graco Snugride. Doris came along to help take care of her when I am all wrapped up in bandages and Andy driving 4 hours there and back to Toronto. Poor Maddy cried a lot in the car because we couldn’t hold her while the car was moving. She also hates being strapped in the car seat. Somehow the lack of holding, “starving” and being away from mommy for a few hours while mommy was in the surgery made her more appreciative of mommy and her meals. She no longer fussed at meal time and stopped her random nursing strike. In fact, when we got home that same night she made mommy hold in to sleep in her arms for 2 and a half hours (with one bum arm in bandages) before she was willing to be put down on the bed 😛



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