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Hi! My name is Christine Leong and I am wife to Andy Chiew, sisters to Catherine and Chermaine Leong and daughter to Jack Leong and Joanne Chung. I am a Malaysian living in Toronto, Canada and am expecting a baby girl on November 28, 2009.

I am currently working as a Learning Designer in Toronto, but will become a full-time mom for about 6 months when the baby arrives.

I am a vegetarian and has been for about 14 years. I love to cook, bake, dabble in arts and crafts, photography, graphic design and has a penchant for all things beautiful. I am also known for my ability to eat very spicy food.

I pet peeves include toilet seats that are left up, toilets that are left open (for the fear that things might fall in), toilet paper rolls that hangs under instead of over, general disorganization, inconsiderate smokers, people who do not follow-up, people on the subway who are ignorant and do not offer their seat to the elder or those who need it (i.e. pregnant women or parents with kids), and people who are calculative.



1. Grace - September 18, 2009

Hey Christine,

Congrats. Love the choice of name for your baby.
Will definitely follow your story here.

2. chrislsx - September 18, 2009

Thanks, Grace. Thanks for “gracing” my blog with your presence šŸ˜›

3. alicia - November 24, 2009

Hi Christine,

Loved your blog and the music and plays in the background!
Thanks for sharing!


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