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DIY Thank You Cards November 12, 2009

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It took me quite some time to make these cards as I gathered the material for it. Since the baby shower theme was pink and brown, it was only appropriate that I use the same colour scheme for the Thank You cards. I bought the card stock and stamps from Michael’s and the recycled paper were Doris’ contribution. She makes and demonstrates recycled paper making at the Ontario Science Centre here in Toronto, where she works.

Anyway, they are finally done and were sent out last week! I hope to have time to make my own birth announcements too 😛


Nurseries that inspire me November 5, 2009

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We won’t be able to have a nursery for lil’ Madelyn just yet, seeing how cramped we are with space at the moment while we camp out at Andy’s parents house. This does not stop me from poring over other people’s nurseries online on Ohdeedoh and taking a flight of fancy on how our nursery would be when we are able to have one. Here are some pictures that inspire me at the moment. I’ll post more of them whenever I see one that strikes my fancy.

P/S: Click on the images to see the nursery tour (if available).

I like the play of the bright yellow against the dark grey walls in this nursery by a creative mommy and fellow blogger from Toronto. Not to mention the nice flower painting on the wall. very modern and yet suitable for a child. The crib looks similar to ours, which was a very inexpensive item compared to other things that we have bought as we prepare for Madelyn’s arrival. Looks like the Ikea’s Sniglar or Gulliver (we have the Gulliver). This proves that inexpensive items can still make a room looking fabulous!

This nursery is awesome because it is in the attic. I fell in love with this crib (the Ouef Sparrow) because of this nursery. We will never be able to afford this crib, and for a moment, we were going to paint our Ikea Gulliver grey because of this crib. I love the pink with the grey of the crib, and the bright yellow-green color on the walls.

If only we were able to get this crib in Canada. It is Walmart’s Baby Mod Park Lane crib that doesn’t cost much and has a drawer under the crib. I love this nursery because it is so mod! I love the nursing chair/glider (which we don’t have because we couldn’t afford one and there isn’t any space for it), and if you check out the nursery tour by clicking on the picture, you will see the Nelson bubble lamp, old school bookshelves, and the vintage wall clock. The sasquatch poster on the wall is also very cute withouth being nauseating 😛 I love the mix of old and new in this nursery!

Here’s the Oeuf Sparrow crib again. The fact that it is grey makes it look oh-s0-mod, don’t you think? And here’s the yellow wall again on the left of the picture. Love the pink bedding against the grey of the crib.

{design} Peel Sticker and Bar Code September 17, 2009

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One of the many things that I like to do is to improve my graphic design skills. While it is not a vital skill to have as a Learning/Instructional Designer, I have always been intrigued at how some graphics or animations are created on print or electronically. Last week, I had some time on my hands and I chanced upon a great tutorial website called noupe.

Most people use Photoshop but I use Adobe/Macromedia Fireworks instead of Photoshop predominantly at work. If you are a novice Fireworks user like me, you’ll appreciate these tutorials on noupe.

Here are the two items that I created using the tutorials:

Peel Sticker Effect

Bar Code Graphic